Log line:


Step into the “private rooms” of leading creatives of Israel’s contemporary art and design scene and discover what lies behind the coat of paint.



Yotsrim is an award winning web documentary series featuring the Israeli contemporary art and design scene. The series is created in a unique format developed by director Shachaf Dekel. The episodes are edited with still photography taken by Dekel during the studio visit combined with segments of their recorded conversation. Yotsrim focuses on all fields of creative arts: visual art, object design, fashion design, Jewelry design, interactive art, graffiti, vocal art, music, performance, dance, theater, poetry, comics, animation, graphic design and illustration. Each episode is 2-3 minutes long, featuring one creator in their studio. The unique format of the series allows the viewer to focus on the details of the works while listening to the artist talk.


The fifth season (2019) includes six episodes of studio visits with creators working in different disciplines: The Instagram phenomena comics duo Maya & Yehuda Devir, the contemporary Jewish dance company Ka'et Ensemble, the media artist and researcher Daniel Landau, the Palestinian Israeli artist and actress Raida Adon and artist Liat Segal with her painting machines.


The series has been active online since 2014, one of Israel’s first web series, offering 74 episodes in total. The series won Best Documentary at the NYC WebFest 2019 and was officially selected and screened at several international festivals, garnering Dekel a nomination for best director, nonfiction at LA’s IAWTV 2018, a nomination for best documentary web series at Seoul WebFest 2019 and Finalist at the Israeli Documentary Film Competition for best documentary short 2019.